Therapy Services Provided

Linda and Louis each have their independent therapy practices:

Louis’ practice is at 1145 Sheridan Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. Click here for map

Linda’s practice is at 125 East Trinity Place, Suite 302, Decatur, GA 30030. Click here for map

Occasionally, Louis and Linda work with couples and families together as well as conduct additional workshops.


Couples Counseling:

A primary focus of our work is with couples. Couples who meet with us initially often just want the pain in the relationship to stop. We initially explore the conditions for productive couples psychotherapy, including reducing the negative interactions between the partners and increasing the positive. Couples learn productive ways of communicating about frustrations, concerns, anger and hurts in the relationship. The challenge in a couple’s relationship is to create an environment in which each partner is seen, heard and validated and which can provide the opportunity for personal growth and development.

Couples are encouraged to attend one of the Getting the LOVE You Want Workshop for Couples , weekends that are held in the Atlanta area as a way of becoming acquainted with a road map for moving their relationship to a more hopeful and joyful experience with each other.


Premarital Counseling:

Couples who are engaged, contemplating marriage, or who are considering a committed love relationship can benefit from understanding the stages of intimate relationships, learning communication and problem solving skills, and creating the conditions that can support their continued growth in the relationship.


Recovery from Infidelity:

We work with many couples who have initiated couples counseling after the discovery of an affair. Our definition of affair is broad because we see it as the withdrawal of attention and energy from one’s primary partner and directing that attention and energy secretly toward another person. Therefore, we often see what some call “emotional affairs” just as devastating to the primary intimate relationship bond as a “physical or sexual affair.”

While there are predictable stages in recovery from affairs, we find that a couple often needs support in creating a trusting environment where the betrayed partner’s pain and anger can be aired, questions asked and answered and genuine remorse can be expressed and received. Once forgiveness becomes possible, a couple can begin to look at their whole relationship to determine what a new, safe and recommitted relationship would look like between them.

Couples Recovering from Sex Addiction:

We work with couples in which one or both partners are in recovery from sex addiction. While it is essential that the sex addict be in individual treatment and a recovery program, the couple relationship will also be challenged to grow beyond this betrayal. Many couples wonder if it is even possible for their relationship to survive sex addiction. Finding a safe space to make sense out of the addict’s betrayal and the impact on the other partner can lead to the recovery and healing of the relationship.


Family Psychotherapy:

The families we work with often are composed of older adolescent or adult children who are experiencing difficulty in their relationship with parents, step-parents or siblings. Marriages, divorces and remarriages as well as alcohol and substance abuse increase the complexity of maintaining connection with primary family members. Family therapy supports the creation of conditions that maximize being heard, understood and establishing new ways of relating.


Individual Psychotherapy:

Men, women, and young adults who are struggling with difficulties in relationships, feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, grief and/or substance abuse often benefit from counseling. Exploring these issues through a supportive relationship can many times assist the individual in developing more clarity about what is contributing to their struggles and how to take action to make positive changes in their lives.


Group Therapy:

Louis currently co-leads an adult co-ed psychotherapy group with one of his colleagues at Pine River Psychotherapy Associates. Louis and Linda sometimes lead a couples group.


Psychotherapy Consultation:

Louis offers consultation with psychotherapists and counselors, especially in the area of couples counseling and psychotherapy. His 30 years of experience as a psychologist in a successful psychotherapy practice also give him expertise with many issues faced by counselors and therapists.


Executive Coaching:

Linda provides a focused process to assist executives in effectively meeting today’s business challenges while leveraging their strengths, recognizing obstacles to success and developing actions to maximize their performance. Customized coaching plans are developed according to the needs of the individual utilizing assessment tools, videotaping and other techniques to ensure integration of learning to create desired results. An objective, neutral and confidential environment allows participants to honestly address the challenges they are facing. An in-depth description of the process can be found here .

Career Coaching:

Linda works with both young adults and seasoned professionals to explore career opportunities that not only utilize their strengths but tap into their passion to bring fulfillment and professional success. Assessment tools are utilized to help identify strengths, work style and possible career options.