Articles of Interest

Over the last ten years Dr. Louis McLeod has written numerous articles about relationships and love.


Symbiosis and Love
Dr. McLeod describes two aspects of love: Closeness and Intimacy. Closeness is seen as an affirmation of the connection that allows for separateness while Intimacy is conceptualized as an affirmation of the separateness that allows connection. Intimacy is the experience of one's being wholly herself or himself while sharing the same life space with a partner who is being himself or herself also.
The Choice of Dialogue
Dr. McLeod discusses the use of dialogue as a transition from symbiosis. He describes three conditions for dialogue to be effective: 1) safety, 2) equality, and, 3) commitment.
Psychotherapy and Spirituality
The challenge in the aftermath of 9/11 is to continue to focus on community, loved ones and the purpose and meaning of our lives. Spirituality is a crucial aspect of this challenge which deserves our focus. It is inherent in the healing process of psychotherapy and we cannot not deal with it. Psychotherapy is a journey with clients to the heart of meaning and purpose of their lives, issues of life and death, both literal and symbolic. These articles are in PDF format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader , you can download and install it here.