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Online "Getting the LOVE You Want" Workshop for Couples: Streamlined Essentials

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Most people yearn for a committed love relationship in which they experience passion, connection, safety and full aliveness. For most of us the gateway to real love begins with infatuation which we call romantic love, with its excitement, energy and boundless joy. However, the experience of romantic love always changes and becomes less exhilarating.

“Real Love” can emerge when a couple decides to relate to each other according to their commitment to the relationship and when each partner gives to their Beloved what is needed in order to create the safety in which to risk the intimacy of being known.

Romantic Love gives a couple only a glimpse of the possibilities of “Real Love.” The journey to real love requires commitment, understanding the dynamics and stages of relationships and new ways of communicating and relating.

We specialize in working with couples who want this to be
their relationship journey as well as with individuals
who desire to be in a committed relationship.

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Online "Getting the LOVE You Want" Workshop for Couples: Streamlined Essentials

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